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Issue Date: June 2001 (es)

CHI Controls and Meissner enter a dynamic new life as Control and Instrumentation (C&I)

June 2001
Maurice McDowell, Consulting Editor, eSecure

When it comes to the local manufacture and supply of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) one brand name stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that company is Meissner. Meissner and CHI Control (CHI) are both part of the NEI Africa group, and as part of a strategy to reduce costs and improve service levels a decision was taken recently to combine the operations of the two companies at the extensive Wadeville premises of CHI. The manufacturing operation of Meissner had already been transferred to these premises (CHI have always made the cabinets here) in late 2000, and now the remaining activities including R&D, sales and service will have been totally relocated by the end of May. While CHI and Meissner will stay as individual units, and the strengths of the established brand names will be continued, these units will now operate under a new division called Control and Instrumentation (C&I) with Craig Brown of CHI being appointed as Managing Director of the new entity.

Sophos has announced the launch of Enterprise Manager, the first product in the next generation of Sophos Anti-Virus administration tools. Enterprise Manager provides automatic distribution of the very latest virus protection updates and Sophos applications as well as offering on-demand updates.
Using Enterprise Manager, network administrators can specify the time and frequency of scheduled automated downloads. These automatic updates can take place as often as hourly and, combined with Sophos's rapid response to new virus threats, provide the very highest level of protection. The tool can also perform updates on demand, putting administrators in full control of their corporate anti-virus protection. Enterprise Manager uses proprietary technology to ensure that files have not been corrupted since they were issued by Sophos.
"Enterprise Manager can be installed and configured in minutes," said Brett Myroff, CEO of local Sophos Distribution partner, NetXactics. "Enterprise Manager builds on, rather than replaces, your existing anti-virus procedures and even though it can be set up to operate entirely automatically it does not need dedicated hardware or database servers. Best of all, it does not require every computer in your network to update 'live' from an external website. This is a scaleable solution which does not require users or administrators to click anything. It is a must for busy IT managers."
Enterprise Manager downloads both the most recently issued virus identities and Sophos software from a dedicated corporate website, ensuring that even during periods of heavy web traffic, updates via Enterprise Manager continue to arrive at the scheduled time.

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