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Issue Date: June 2001 (es)

Why many business continuity solutions are not effective

June 2001
Davin McKelson, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Global Risk Management Solutions

Local distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has been awarded distribution rights for Satellitesafe's fullstop satellite broadcast system, aimed at assisting users to quickly and effectively mobilise their defences prior to a virus attack.
"By continually searching for new e-mail viruses and leveraging the latest satellite communications technology, fullstop is able to deliver a virus protection system that will find any virus threats and quickly broadcast the virus identification string by satellite to users' email filter programmes," says Fred Mitchell, Satellitesafe product manager at DCC. "We believe that by distributing Satellitesafe's fullstop solution we are enabling our resellers to offer a mission-critical, annually renewable service to end-users, without even having to maintain stock," he says.
According to Mitchell, the success of any virus protection strategy depends on how fast users can get the protection they need. "If users are quick - and lucky - they can download it before their vendor's website begins to buckle under the strain of extra traffic. We saw it both with Melissa and Love Bug. Even when vendors have the update, delivering it to hundreds, perhaps thousands of users, can take hours or even days. And meanwhile the virus is spreading - fast," he says.
"With Satellitesafe fullstop, within minutes of a new virus break-out, users' e-mail filter systems will be able to detect, block and delete any new e-mail viruses. As soon as an update becomes available from the anti-virus manufacturers, fullstop will beam down the update to registered users. Be it on the weekend, national or public holidays, during the night or during normal office hours, users are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What is more, every update is handled completely automatically - right to the desktop."
Drive Control Corporation

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