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Issue Date: September 2001 (es)

Files and storage - where trouble starts

September 2001

CBIA will host Cape Town's first international seminar on competitive intelligence.
Strategy without intelligence is not strategy - it is guessing. Competitive Intelligence exists to provide company decision-makers with the knowledge and foreknowledge they need to craft breakthrough strategies and achieve 'best practices' in key operational areas. Thus intelligence deliverables, or 'product', must at all times pass the tests for accuracy, timelines and relevance to the firm's objectives, policies and operations.
The seminar, endorsed by the South African Association of Competitive Intelligence (SAACIP) [] will be led by Douglas Bernhardt, director, iMentor Management Consulting SA, Geneva, Switzerland. He is the author of the book Perfectly legal competitor intelligence: How to get it, use it and profit from it, and is a former member of the SCIP Board of Directors.
During this seminar you will develop a thorough understanding of the key functional and organisational elements of an effective business intelligence programme. At the same time you will learn how to begin to build, or upgrade, your company's own intelligence practices and systems. CBIA is South Africa's oldest registered consultancy regarding competitive intelligence consulting services and training. CBIA is the company for CI training in South Africa.
Date: 9-10 October 2002
Venue: Cullinan Hotel, V&A; Waterfront, Cape Town
Contact: CBIA, 012 664 3157

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