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Issue Date: November 2003 (es)

Xantium Technology Holdings launches into the local marketplace

January 2004

Xantium Technology Holdings, a black empowerment full service IT organisation that provides focused infrastructure, business and IT consulting solutions to selected blue-chip companies, provincial and local
government has been launched into the South African marketplace.

"South African corporates are looking for true black employment equity (BEE) information technology partners that are able to help support the ever-important social development challenges, while still being capable of bringing measurable value to their clients business," says Kuman Reddy, managing director of Xantium IT Services. "With IT being a fundamental enabler of delivering business strategy, Xantium has found its niche in terms of unlocking this technology layer while still coupling business success criteria to achieve a client's strategic intent.
"From a technology perspective Xantium Technology Holdings and its subsidiary companies are challenging conventional thinking. Not only is our shareholding supportive of government initiatives to broaden the skills participation levels in the economy, but also the confidence we have in our people and technology will extend our reach beyond our competitors. The local market now has access to a company that is empowered and capable," adds Reddy.
Xantium Technology Holdings share holding comprises of 10% historically disadvantaged investors, 10% public (mixed) and 12% staff through its incentive scheme, 32% non-BEE and 36% BEE shareholders, with 68% held by non-BEE and BEE shareholders comprising of 12 individuals. Its delivery structure is driven through three focused divisions, namely; Xantium Professional Services, Xantium IT Services and Xantium Digital Card Systems (DCS), ensuring the company is well positioned to meet the needs of enterprises seeking to derive real value through their IT and business operations.
The company has developed strategic alliances with global technology partners including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Computer Associate, PeopleSoft, HP/Compaq and Tarsus Technologies. "Research has shown that customers are disillusioned by the service delivery of traditional IT providers," says James Murray, CEO of Xantium Technology Holdings. "Xantium has built a broad base of services from IT consulting through to solutions infrastructure design, deployment and support to ensure we map clients business values with their IT decisions. Our delivery of IT enablement for business strategic needs, will help companies identify and align the services and solutions best fitted to their requirements to ensure we work hand-in-hand in supporting their organisational objectives, values and goals."
Xantium Technology Holdings is also committed to the growing of expertise through training and skills transfer through their skills enhancement and learning (SEAL) program. "The SEAL program is aimed at instilling a sense of pride in an individuals team and chosen field of expertise. The program has a unique incentive scheme, based on mentorship, which encourages individuals to sustain self-growth, by rewarding them for being proactive and dynamic.
Specific focus of the SEAL program is given to those who have been historically disadvantaged," adds Murray.
"Xantium Technology Holdings and its subsidiaries have a defined capability, experience and flexibility. We have focused our efforts on building a true differentiation locally, to ensure we offer our clients a range of services, which have tangible benefits to fulfil their business requirements," concludes Reddy.
For more information contact: Xantium Technology Holdings, 011 484 5676.
Xantium appointed BEE implementation partner for CA
Xantium Technology Holdings has been appointed as a BEE fulfilment partner for Computer Associates (CA).
"Xantium, has been given the mandate to both sell, deliver and support CA solutions and technology in South Africa," says Neil Clark, managing director of Xantium Professional Services. "This agreement places Xantium in a strong position as the leading fulfilment partner in the country, as far as skills and capacity regarding enterprise management expertise is concerned. We not only have four dedicated sales people on our internal CA team, but access to 12 technical resources as well."
"CA chose to partner with Xantium Technology Holdings, due to its strength and capacity to deliver, their client methodologies and focus on business transformation and equity," says Carol-Ann Searra of CA. "With CA being a leader in enterprise management, we needed to partner with a company that understands how to align and complement our solutions with the right methodology that fits the requirements of our customers."
"True business enablement is developed through an understanding of how technology and business can complement and support each other," adds Clark.
"Therefore Xantium utilises the ITIL best practices to ensure we are able to provide a consistent framework for IT service management - aligning customer demands with IT ability."

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