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Issue Date: June 2004 (es)

Of conventions, boredom and the eternal quest for parking

June 2004

Was Noddy not stupid when he suggested to Big Ears that they build the roof of their new house first so they would not get wet if it rained? Actually no, Noddy probably became an architect and now lives in South Africa.
Would you build a house and not bother about putting a roof on? Or in South Africa, perhaps a more appropriate question would be: would you build a house and forget to put in an electric fence? Probably not, but that is not a stupid question.
Who would build a convention centre able to accommodate thousands of people without thinking that perhaps these people would need to park somewhere within a 5 km radius of the centre? Well, whoever conceived of the idea for the Sandton Convention Centre must have been a Star Trek fan because beaming over to Futurex was about the only way one was going to get there without your hiking boots.
Of course, early birds could get parking across the road, up the stairs and in the doors, but for the majority who seem to all arrive whenever I did, a long search for a spot was run of the mill. After parking, the trek to the centre and the registration process, however, it seems there is a spark of life in the IT industry.
Futurex was a far better affair than the Computer Faire of the past couple of years. It seemed like there were more people, more exhibitors and no children (Yes!). And everyone seemed quite positive about the future of IT.
Of course there were a few really boring people determined to share the orgasmic joys of laser printer toner cartridges with the universe, whether the universe wanted to know about toner or not, but all in all it was a great show. The fact that there was coffee on tap in the media centre naturally helped to raise the tone of the whole affair - for coffee junkies in any case.
There was even a foreign contingent. Although I feel the Indian stands should have outsourced the organisation of their presence at the expo to the Americans. Not because the Indians did anything wrong, it would just have been rather amusing - perhaps it was the coffee.
Next issue we will be carrying a bit of a report back on a couple of meetings we had at the fair.
A bit of history
And on a totally different topic. I found a cool historic site on the Net. If you surf to</a>, you will find a brief picture history of Windows. For those who can remember, it is a trip down memory lane; for those who cannot remember, you do not know how much you have to be grateful for! Windows 1.x consumed an outrageous 1 MB of space- what was Microsoft thinking?
This is not an official Microsoft site, but provides some interesting insight into Windows. And if you are wondering about Microsoft's own version of Linux, you might try</a> (no it is not for real and I know it is old so do not e-mail me about it).
Andrew Seldon

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