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Issue Date: May 2007

Softline ACCPAC opens up for professional consultants – with no cost, risk or problems

May 2007

What to do when there is a huge demand for your product and not enough consultants? The solution is simple – according to Softline ACCPAC. Set up your own training programme and create your own consultants.

Softline ACCPAC currently finds itself in a unique situation in the marketplace. Clients are demanding the product, yet there are not enough consultants to meet this demand.  This has forced the company to come up with an innovative solution – one that both addresses the current need and makes provision for future growth. Jacqui Scorgie, channel manager: Softline ACCPAC, explains, “We found ourselves faced with an exciting opportunity to not only develop our own training programme, but also create a pool of professional consultants – specifically tailored to meet our clients’ exact needs.”
No cost
Working closely with their resellers, Softline ACCPAC has developed a structure whereby Softline ACCPAC will advertise the training programme and find suitable 'recruits'. The recruits will then go through a similar selection process with the resellers and, upon their approval, embark on the three week course – fully sponsored by the reseller.
No risk
Softline ACCPAC sells serious Accpac software – and thus has a similarly serious training programme. So serious, in fact, that they have gone directly to source when it comes to covering some modules. The extensive Excel training will be provided by none other than Alchemex, with Sequel and Cashbook being similarly covered by Dynamix and Peresoft respectively. As if that was not enough, the programme has been developed to be as comprehensive as possible, covering not only all technical, set-up and support requirements, but elements such as report writing too. It thus provides the perfect risk-free channel to skill up these hand-picked future consultants.
No problem
As for finding suitable recruits, Softline ACCPAC is confident that its two pronged approach will ensure that they find the right people for what promises to be the right job. Advertising will target junior accountants and clerks already in the job market looking for new challenges – offering them a new career opportunity. It will also specifically look at recruiting graduates at the end of the year, inviting them to join the expanding world of Softline ACCPAC. The company has gone on to make the application process as hassle-free as possible, with candidates able to apply online – either directly via the website or using the pop-up adverts to appear on various recruitment sites.
Softline ACCPAC’s first training programme starts on 9 July 2007. It promises to not only make the software that much more accessible to its end users, but start a host of professional consultants on new and exciting careers.
For more information contact Jacqui Scorgie, Softline ACCPAC,

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