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Issue Date: July 2007

SAS enhances optimisation software

July 2007
Madan Sheina

SAS Institute has pumped more sophisticated analytics into its operations research and optimisation software SAS/OR.

The latest improvements build off the upgrades that SAS introduced into the platform in March this year, and add complex analytics methods like mixed integer linear programming, to drive efficient operations and decision making in large organisations.
Mary Crissey, analytics product marketing manager at Cary, North Carolina-based SAS, said that MILP is a well-known technique in optimisation circles that "eliminates repetitive trial-and-error approaches and cuts the time to intelligence."
She said the new release of the software also gives users more flexible and granular options for problem-solving methods. "We are letting SAS/OR users improve efficiency in ways other approaches do not allow."
SAS/OR encourages companies to think more strategically about optimising their decision making processes core operations like supply chain, resource allocation, inventory planning and capital budgeting.
While SAS/OR is by no means a mainstream business intelligence software product, it has been a staple part of SAS' statistical analysis suite since 1983 OR is a fiendishly complex subject that SAS has tried to push into the business mainstream with new guided and integration capabilities that were introduced in March designed to align its functionality to the rest of SAS' core analytics applications and BI tools.
Source: Computergram

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