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Issue Date: October 2007

IT managers losing sleep over home workers

October 2007
Janine Milne

The fast-growing popularity of remote working is raising staff productivity levels, but at the expense of the IT managers' peace of mind.

Hacking and the other potential security risks of remote workers logging onto the corporate network is keeping 87% of IT managers at small businesses awake at night, according to a ZyXEL commissioned report.
Their restlessness stems from a lack of control over employees' home systems, including whether they have the right patches to scan e-mails for viruses. Nine out 10 home workers surveyed said that they were responsible for looking after their own security.
"With almost half of company employees working remotely, security is a significant problem which is not going to go away," said James Walker, security product manager at ZyXEL.
Nearly 60% of the home workers questioned said flexible working made them more productive and enabled them to enjoy a better home/life balance.
Source: Computergram

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