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Issue Date: February 2008

Sun buys Innotek for open source PC virtualisation

February 2008

Sun Microsystems has announced that it has entered into a stock-purchase agreement to acquire PC virtualisation vendor Innotek as part of its ongoing efforts to attract developers to support its Sun xVM server virtualisation platform.

Sun said Innotek's VirtualBox open source virtualisation software will extend its xVM platform onto the desktop and strengthen its position in the virtualisation market. It said that as part of the xVM platform, VirtualBox will have the support of Sun's global development community, field resources, and partners.
VirtualBox enables desktop or laptop PCs running Windows, Linux, Mac, or Solaris operating systems to run multiple, different operating systems side-by-side. This enables software developers to build multitier or cross-platform applications, or power users to take advantage of applications that may not be available for their base operating system.
VirtualBox is open source, and can be freely downloaded without the hassle of payment or frustrating license keys at or The download is less than 20 MB and the software is easily installed on any modern, x86 architecture laptop or desktop system running Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris operating systems, in just minutes. Supported guest operating systems include all versions of Windows from 3.1 to Vista, Linux 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 kernels, Solaris x86, OS/2, Netware and DOS.
Rich Green, executive vice president at Sun Software, said: "Where Sun xVM Server is designed to enable dynamic IT at the heart of the datacentre, VirtualBox is ideal for any laptop or desktop environment and will align perfectly with Sun's other developer focused assets such as GlassFish, OpenSolaris, OpenJDK, and soon MySQL, as well as a wide range of community open source projects, enabling developers to quickly develop, test, and deploy the next generation of applications."
Financial terms were not disclosed for the acquisition, which is expected to be completed in Sun's third quarter.
This is Sun's second open-source acquisition this year. Last month, it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire open-source database vendor MySQL for $1bn.
Source: Computergram

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