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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Internet still top host for VPNs

August 2000
Chris Pinkham, CEO Cequrux Technologies

Hackers are constantly on search for network vulnerabilities in order to penetrate a company's security system and gain access to potentially confidential information. Total cyber security specialist AVS has included ICEpac Security Suite, from Network ICE Corporation, to its product set. ICEpac delivers superior intrusion detection and blocking, even to borderless networks that extend beyond the traditional LAN. These include servers, remote offices and notebooks around the world.
"Networks are becoming increasingly complex due to the addition of Gigabit segments, multiplatform server farms and VPN-enabled remote users," says Clint Carrick, COO of AVS. ICEpac Security Suite delivers intrusion protection of the enterprise, working in realtime to detect, identify and block intruders before any damage is done to the network."
The suite is made up of a remotely managed agent and network-based tools that protect Gigabit and Fast Ethernet segments in the local or remote network," explains Carrick.
ICEpac Security Suite consists of ICEcap Manager, BlackICE Agent, BlackICE Sentry and BlackICE Guard. BlackICE technology - found in BlackICE Agent, BlackICE Sentry and BlackICE Guard - employs a multi-layer defence system. The first layer of protection blocks the ports on the protected machines that do not need to be open - much like a firewall. The second layer ensures the validity of communications by the dynamic analysis of all traffic destined to any open ports.
"This technology decodes and detects attacks often missed by other technologies, including fragmented attacks, NMAP scans and various other malicious attacks, without significantly affecting CPU operation or system throughput," Carrick points out.
ICEcap Manager is the central manager that deploys, manages and updates the BlackICE agents, sentries and guards across the borderless network. Any hostile activity is logged and the information forwarded to other applications. ICEcap allows one agent, sentry or guard to alert all others of hostile activity in the network.
BlackICE Agent is a managed agent that aggressively protects servers, remote users and desktops from attack by enforcing user, group or enterprise-wide policies set up by the ICEcap Manager.
BlackICE Sentry is the network agent that surveys all network traffic for suspicious or hostile traffic sent to any device - from printers to notebooks and mainframes. This product protects Gigabit Ethernet and multiple Full Duplex Ethernet segments.
BlackICE Guard is the online protection system eliminating hostile traffic from the network, wiping out attacks before they can compromise a system.
Carrick concludes that this security suite offers unmatched protection for any borderless network.
Danita Beetge, 011 234 0630
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