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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Closing the legal loopholes in doing business online

August 2000
Trevor Coppen, Managing Director of Lawyers Access Web (L@W)

Smile for the camera
"Even people who look very similar reveal different features when they smile. The study also revealed that angry, grimacing faces are even more distinctive than smiling ones, but grimaces tend not to occur as naturally as smiles." - New Scientist magazine, commenting on a study by University of Maryland researchers, which found that it is easier for face recognition systems to match a suspect to a grinning image than a neutral face. (Reuters)
Taking advantage
"In hindsight, this downturn is going to look like one hell of a great time to try to gain back some market share for Apple, and that is exactly what we are trying to do right now." - Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, unveiling new software and gadgets to win over Windows users during an economic downturn he forecast could last another nine months. (Reuters)

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