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Issue Date: January 2000 (es)

Secure IT and ITWeb partner to highlight infosecurity trends and news

January 2000
Darren Smith, Managing Editor, SecureIT

Secure IT has partnered with ITWeb to help raise the awareness and profile of the information security issues which underpin business continuity and success.

ITWeb started in 1996 as a three-man band pioneering an Internet-based service for IT journalists, IT PRs and IT vendors. Today, it is a 30-strong on-line news service for IT journalists, IT PRs, IT vendors and the entire SA IT professional and user community.
According to figures released by the Audit Bureau of Internet Standards (ABIS) for the third quarter of 1999, ITWeb had 370 000 page impression per month, up 30% from the previous quarter.
ITWeb's free eNews newsletter is sent out to 10 000 subscribers daily in their preferred format of choice, be it text-only, an HTML attachment or HTML embedded.
In line with ITWeb's growth, the news service has developed specialist sections which focus on niche areas in business and IT, one of the first of which was the security section.
The section has grown from providing weekly stories on the IT security industry in the beginning of 1999 to being updated daily with local and international security news.
The growth of the section can be attributed to the increased awareness of organisations, especially in SA, regarding the importance of secure systems.
Companies know that the ever present threat of hackers, corporate espionage and viruses facilitate the need to be up to date with not only the most recent developments in hardware and software technology, but also with changing industry standards and trends.
Yours truly - a 'columnist come lately'
Whilst I have been successfully editing technical journals for some years now, yours truly will be leaping into cyberspace for the first time, as I write a monthly column for ITWeb, on issues pertinent to readers of Secure IT, as well as on-line visitors to ITWeb.
Secure IT and ITWeb will also be co-operating at an editorial level, so the bottom line is that you can rest assured that between us both, you will have your finger on the pulse of the infosecurity space. Here, and in cyberspace.
BMCS incorporates Nanoteq security solution
BMCS, a US-based software developer, has selected Nanoteq's locally developed MQ Armour security software to integrate with its Patrol Developer Network software. [26 Nov 1999]
RSA Security signs contract with KPMG
RSA Security has won a worldwide contract with KPMG, an accounting, tax and consulting firm, which will ensure that only authorised users gain access to KPMG's worldwide network files, applications and communications. [25 Nov 1999]
Nanoteq announces security enhancements for MQSeries Integrator
Nanoteq, an IBM independent software vendor partner, has unveiled enhancements for MQ Armour, a hardware-based security solution for messaging environments based on IBM's MQSeries systems. [25 Nov 1999]
Brian Tree security now available for Sybase
Brian Tree Security, an international supplier of relational database security management software, says its security management controls are now available for Sybase Adaptive Server back-ends. [19 Nov 1999]
CyberSource unveils fraud detection tool
CyberSource, represented locally by institute, has introduced Internet Fraud Screen version 4.0, which features new customer service tools and performance enhancements. [18 Nov 1999]
Motorola, Indentix launch fingerprint reader
[Reuters] Motorola and Identix, a fingerprint security manufacturer, have released the DFR 300 reader, which allows a person to access networks, programs and information using a fingerprint instead of a password. [17 Nov 1999]
Symantec allies with ISPs to offer Internet content security
Symantec has announced strategic alliances with Inktomi and Family Click to provide integrated content security solutions to computer users through their Internet service providers. [5 Nov 1999]
SETcom launches SET service
SETcom, a secure electronic transaction (SET) compliant service provider, has launched a product of the same name which will provide merchants with SET compliant commerce services. [4 Nov 1999]
Isec Africa, addressing information security issues
Isec Africa '99, an information security conference and exhibition organised by AiC Worldwide, will be held at the MTN Sundome, Northgate from 10-12 November. [3 Nov 1999]
Printers open systems to attacks
Brian Little, Country Manager at Panda Software SA, says a vulnerability which allows malicious users to access systems via network printers has been discovered. [2 Nov 1999]

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