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Issue Date: September 2003 (es)

  • Security is your concern

    The most basic precept we all need to learn is that securing our data, our personal information, and possibly most importantly, our methods of accessing this information is our responsibility

    [ September 2003, Security, ]

  • Identity fraud - the real issues

    Information security is a management and corporate governance issue, to be addressed on that level, and must take all dimensions into account

    [ September 2003, Security, ]

  • Managed security services

    Faritec launched its Managed Security Service offering into the South African market earlier this year, delivering security monitoring, management and response and recovery services to clients on a 24x7 realtime basis

    [ September 2003, Services + Consulting, ]

  • Think like a thief to catch a thief

    The risk and probability of being mugged on the electronic highway is much less than being mugged at your local ATM or bank branch

    [ September 2003, Security, ]

  • Security and privacy

    The term `information security' is traditionally defined in technical circles as those controls necessary to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets

    [ September 2003, Security, ]

  • Best practice for multitier virus protection

    This paper describes the different tiers which make up an organisation’s IT infrastructure and assesses the need for anti-virus protection at each access point

    [ September 2003, Security, ]

  • White collar crime: identity theft

    Statistics reveal that fraudulent Internet transactions are more than 20 times higher than those in the offline world

    [ September 2003, Security, ]

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