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Issue Date: June 2006
  • Rule of thumb

    Organisations are looking to a new breed of BRMS technology to empower workers to write their own business policies as the competitive climate demands

    [ June 2006, Business Applications ]

  • Virtual virtues

    The new Altiris Software Virtualisation Solution (SVS) works by deploying desktop application software to a part of the PC file system that is normally hidden from Windows

    [ June 2006, Business Applications, ]

  • Article image
    The waiting game

    It looks as though the telephone and not data services will remain the area of focus for real cost savings until something dramatic changes in the country

    [ June 2006, Communications, Messaging, ]

  • Mobility becomes mainstream

    Opportunities for mobile operators moving forward include convergence and bundling, new managed services, new client devices and new partnerships with third parties

    [ June 2006, Mobile Technology, ]

  • Converged communications

    Orion view convergence as a phased approach, beginning with a company's external environment

    [ June 2006, Communications, Messaging, ]

  • Article image
    SMS is a strategic decision

    Short message service (SMS) mobile text messaging has blossomed into a critical mechanism enabling enterprises and governments to instantly send urgent alerts and notifications to support customer service, marketing, emergency management, and other time-critical business function

    [ June 2006, Communications, Messaging, ]

  • Security and regulatory activity

    In this month’s column; Gary Middleton examines the impact of existing and upcoming legislation on an organisation’s information security strategy.

    [ June 2006, Legislation, ]

  • The six elements of legally acceptable electronic documents

    There are six elements that must be considered if a company wants to be confident that its records will meet the ECT act requirements of authenticity, reliability, and originality

    [ June 2006, Legislation, ]

  • Driving outsourcing costs down

    The best deals are shown to be those in which there is minor initial cost savings, but that these savings improve over time, through the vendor passing on their savings made through economies of scale and through Moore's Law

    [ June 2006, Outsourcing & ASP, ]

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