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Issue Date: October 2006
  • Global IT survey - respond and win R200 is an online forum where thousands of IT staff, managers and technology purchasers in over 150 countries around the world regularly voice their opinions about the direction of the global IT industry

    [ October 2006, News + Events ]

  • The big fight back

    BEA's Alfred Chuang put a lot of the company's success down to the relatively recent launch of its AquaLogic suite of service oriented architecture (SOA) products and services

    [ October 2006, Opinion Columns, ]

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    Mastering data management

    MDM is a process that requires a data model, supported by integration services and synchronisation functionality, not to mention a set of data quality tools

    [ October 2006, Data Management, ]

  • Dishing the dirt

    What is needed is a more strategic investment in information quality that is backed by a lasting enterprise-wide commitment.

    [ October 2006, Data Management, ]

  • MDM with an edge

    Enterprise dimension management (EDM) seeks to satisfy data consistency requirements by defeating costly multiple charts of accounts, supporting business performance management (BPM) initiatives and other associated problems

    [ October 2006, Data Management, ]

  • Making continuity work

    The biggest benefit comes from the process of planning for a disaster rather than being in possession of plans

    [ October 2006, Security, ]

  • The contact centre's migration from efficiency to effectiveness

    Making agents better front-line ambassadors also means leveraging key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure business strengths and market opportunities across all media channels, and to optimise multichannel service processes by monitoring them with metrics for quality and sat

    [ October 2006, Services + Consulting, ]

  • How does IT add value to BI?

    IT's value-added role in BI is to get involved in interpreting the strategy and operational issues and to draw on information which helps the company achieve both these strategic and operational goals

    [ October 2006, Business Intelligence, ]

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