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Issue Date: October 2003 (es)

Seeing eye to eye

1 October 2003

It may seem like the stuff of Hollywood movies, but iris recognition is real and making an impact on both First World and developing countries.
"Iris recognition uses standard video technology," says Jo Yuill, marketing director of Eyedentity. "Recognition devices capture images of the eye from a comfortable distance without bright lights or lasers, requiring no contact, only cooperation from users. The combination of accuracy and ease of use gives iris recognition significant and measurable advantages over other biometrics like fingerprinting, voice recognition, facial recognition and retinal scans. It takes only about one second to match an enrolled iris against the database, thereby checking whether the same person has been recorded before," she says.
We are expecting our first deployment of iris recognition in South Africa to go live mid-December 2003. Already UAE, Canada, USA, UK and Japan have successful implementations of iris recognition primarily for border control, customs and airports where the technology is becoming standard."
"Mantis Networks is now trading as 'eyedentity' to reflect its focus on iris recognition-based ID management solutions in order to dedicate our entire effort to the rapidly growing authentication market," she continues. "The need to identify individuals with 100% accuracy is increasingly important in controlling access to secure facilities as well as to computer networks and application programs. Eyedentity plans to play the leading role in South Africa through its ability to conceive and build total solutions using this fast and accurate biometric."
Representing Iridian Technologies, the world leader in iris authentication solutions, Eyedentity can offer both physical and logical access solutions.
For more information contact Eyedentity, 011 326 4727.

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