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Issue Date: November 2003 (es)

Gestetner SA launches cost saving tool - d.c.a.f.

1 November 2003

Gestetner SA has recently launched a document costing, analysis and forecasting software tool entitled d.c.a.f., which is designed to assist customers in improving their understanding of the costs relating to document printing, copying and management. d.c.a.f., which was developed locally in just nine months, has completed its test phase and is now available to all customers through Gestetner SA sales consultants.
Michael Stanley, marketing manager at Gestetner SA says, "We started developing d.c.a.f. when it became apparent that it was increasingly difficult for organisations to get a holistic view of where their printing, copying and general document management budgets were being spent. Our aim was to create a tool for our sales force with which they can provide our customers with relevant information to support the client's decision making process with regards to increasing the efficiency and decreasing the cost of their document management systems."
The evaluation of the data is the most critical process, as it is from this information that customers gain a clear view of their current document management costs. d.c.a.f. not only produces a comprehensive report that clearly demonstrates how, where and why the printing and copying budget is being spent, but also highlights areas where the more cost effective options are possible. "This tool ensures that Gestetner SA is able to offer its clients real consultancy as the advice given is based on an objective and factual understanding of the customer's current document landscape," says Stanley.
d.c.a.f is currently available to South African customers and will be introduced to international Gestetner offices in 2004. This will be the second product innovation to come from Gestetner SA in less than a year. "Towards the end of 2002 we introduced a data collection system called Herda to all our digital machines. This tool has been very successful and is presently being rolled out in offices in Europe, Asia and the US. Both innovations were founded in the local team's commitment to making our clients' lives, when it comes to document management, as simple as possible. d.c.a.f. has been designed to offer real value and it will have an immediate and positive effect on our clients' businesses," concludes Stanley.
For more information contact Retha Potgieter, Marcoms and PR officer, Gestetner SA, 011 723 5041,

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