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Issue Date: June 2004 (es)

Authentication and encryption in one application

1 June 2004

AST Products, a division of the AST Group, has launched Rainbow Technologies' NetSwift iGate Web-based security system, which combines authentication and encryption capabilities, allowing users to access a business' secured browser-based applications with only an iKey and a PIN number.
"Traditionally, when a remote user needed to access company resources, the PC would be equipped with software allowing him access to a VPN," explains Bryce Thorrold of AST Products. "A traditional VPN secures the transmission of all data between the remote PC and the organisation's network - but the method can be cumbersome and expensive."
The NetSwift iGate is an alternative to a VPN and creates an instant private Web, a secure tunnel that protects the interaction and the application content. "It is dropped behind the firewall without any additional system integration or reconfiguration, and therefore cuts costs, time and the need for IT support," adds Thorrold.
The NetSwift iGate uses SSL acceleration to encrypt Web content from the point where it leaves a company's protected space until it is viewed at a remote user's desktop. The identity is verified through a process called two-factor authentication, requiring them to insert a small authentication key in to their PC's USB port and to enter a numeric code. Once the key is removed, the user is automatically shut out of the secure applications.
Access rights can be very specific, restricting or granting access to individual pages within a Web page. Users' access information is contained within the NetSwift iGate, allowing IT personnel to remove and grant access for all users in one location.
The NetSwift iGate can also be used internally to restrict unauthorised users from entering secure areas in the system, to verify users for software licence management and to aid in login speed.
For more information contact Carla Pattison, communications manager, AST, 012 675 5681,

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