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Issue Date: November 2000 (es)

Gemplus launches complete smartcard solution for the Identrus Global e-commerce system of trust

1 November 2000

The South African Constitution (Section 32) protects a citizen's right to have access to information which is important to them, and The Promotion of Access to Information Act gives effect to this right of access to information from public and private bodies. Alongside this, there is an increasing focus on good (and bad) corporate governance in South Africa and internationally.
Compliance with the Act requires an organisation to implement clear policies and procedures, understood and complied with by all in the organisation. Every public body and private body (business entity) in South Africa is obliged to prepare a Manual, which sets out the categorisation of information, and the procedures required to apply for access to that information. The Act prescribes that the manual should set out, in sufficient detail a description of the categories of records held by the organisation. Initially the Act required that the manual be prepared and available by 14 August 2002. However, the Minister of Justice granted an extension for the compilation of the manual to 28 February 2003.
Minerva Consulting has developed a toolkit to enable organisations to develop the manual, in order to comply with the Act, by the deadline. The toolkit comprises:
* An information pack regarding the process to be undertaken to comply with the Act;

* All presentations and workshop materials required for the processes;

* Roles, procedures, forms, regulations and guidelines required for compliance;

* All the relevant government information regarding the Act;

* On-line support at is available once you have purchased the kit.

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