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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Network Associates achieves record-breaking Q1 results

1 August 2000

Networking security company, Network Associates International (NAI) has achieved yet another record-breaking end-quarter result for the northern Europe and southern African region. The 40% revenue increase achieved in the fourth quarter of 1999 has been improved by a further 15% in quarter one (Q1) this year.
"Locally, we have also had an excellent quarter, and have surpassed Q4's results by 25%," says Managing Director Lloyd Wood.
Lloyd Wood, Managing Director, Network Associates
Lloyd Wood, Managing Director, Network Associates
Wood attributes this ongoing success to an aggressive marketing drive of the company's world-renowned products, together with a rapidly expanding reseller partner programme. No fewer than nine new partners were signed up between the end of Q4 and the beginning of Q1. The new partners are located in various African countries, including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Namibia.
"During the next quarter we will focus on stabilising our product suites so as to firmly entrench NAI's presence in these markets," says Wood. "Consequently, we will be providing comprehensive, ongoing training to all our partners, ensuring that they are well equipped to meet their customers' requirements."
While all of NAI's network security solutions have secured their own market niche, each can fully integrate with the others, which, says Wood, gives the company a significant competitive advantage in the provision of secure e-business facilities.
Magic Total Service Desk is the world's first 100% browser-based help desk, with Microsoft Windows Distributed InterNet Applications (DNA) architecture. "Since we have built Magic's architecture around cutting-edge Internet technologies, organisations from start-ups to Fortune 500s can rely on Magic for the most advanced answers available," says Wood.
Gauntlet Firewall is claimed to be the industry's most secure firewall, while its unique new adaptive proxy architecture also makes it one of the fastest. "According to the latest Data Communications benchmarks, Gauntlet can sustain more concurrent user connections that its two nearest competitors combined. With this combination of speed and security, more of today's largest e-business sites use Gauntlet than any other firewall on the market," Wood adds.
The award-winning CyberCop is the industry's most highly rated intrusion detection and risk assessment solution. It continually monitors for suspicious activity, and even sets traps that help identify and repel intruders.
Boasting 6 million users worldwide, PGP makes secure, cost-effective communications between remote users, branch offices and business partners possible with the world's only seamlessly integrated, end-to-end VPN and data security solution.
The Sniffer Total Network Visibility (TNV) suite is the industry's number-one solution for reducing network downtime, according to Infonetics Research. This advanced suite delivers award-winning network management tools to help companies proactively monitor their network and resolve problems before they impact users, customers, or the corporate bottom line.
"With over 50 000 new viruses known today, and at least 500 discovered each month, if left unchecked they can cause massive destruction and even take a company down," says Wood. Only Dr Solomon's Active Virus Defence has the tools to stop viruses at the earliest stages before they cause an epidemic.
For details contact Lloyd Wood of Network Associates on tel: (011) 700 8200 or e-mail:

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