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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Maxtec takes the Bull by its horns

1 August 2000

JSE-listed Maxtec Limited announced last month that it had acquired the Customer Service arm of Bull Computers South Africa which will be incorporated into the Maxtec Global Services division. The extended services division will be responsible for the maintenance of the Bull power PC ranges in southern Africa, as well as the hardware and technical support services of Bull equipment at existing installations. Bull is an international IT group based in Europe with operations in nearly 100 countries focussing on delivering secure IT solutions for the enterprise and its customers.The acquisition will rope in seven AIX skilled staff, as well as 50 established clients in the local government sector. This brings further economies of scale to Maxtec's subsidiary, Nyl-Data, which has grown to become a leading supplier of financial software solutions to 75 municipal authorities across the country. Maxtec, which is moving towards rendering more application service provider (ASP) and storage management services, envisages that over time, these clients will elect to be migrated to the Finstel proprietary financial software of Nyl-Data, utilising it on a cost efficient transaction-by-transaction basis.
For details contact George Talbot, Chief Executive of Maxtec on tel: (011) 803 6635 or fax: (011) 803 7818.

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