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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

RSA Security and Baltimore establish PKI interoperability

1 August 2000

Leading e-security technology companies, RSA Security and Baltimore Technologies have announced interoperability between their public key infrastructure (PKI) products - Baltimore UniCert and RSA Keon Advanced PKI software.
"Interoperability continues to be a critical requirement for the broad adoption of PKI," said Scott Schnell, Senior Vice President of Marketing at RSA Security. "Through our relationship with Baltimore Technologies, we not only demonstrate our commitment to delivering on the value of interoperability to organisations worldwide, but also move the e-security market forward by simplifying life for our customers."
Baltimore UniCERT is a certificate management system for the issuance and management of digital certificates within a PKI for a wide range of e-business and enterprise systems. Its flexible, policy-driven design provides authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and nonrepudiation of electronic transactions and communications for financial services, government, healthcare and e-service providers worldwide. Based on open, standards-based architecture, UniCERT consists of a highly secure, yet modular back-end Certificate Authority (CA) system that offers seamless integration with other software systems and applications. It forms the basis of the recently launched UniCERT Options, a new PKI offering that allows businesses to choose products and services to match their e-security and e-business needs.
RSA Keon software is a family of interoperable, standards-based PKI products for managing digital certificates and signatures that help establish an environment for authenticated, private and legally binding electronic communications and transactions. As companies look to extend their digital certificates across e-business applications, RSA Keon Advanced PKI software removes many of the barriers - interoperability, security and complexity - found in other PKI implementations. Combining the power of the RSA Keon Security Server and RSA Keon Desktop components, the software is designed to enrich core PKI functionality, supporting digital certificates from any standards-based certificate authority (CA). This system is designed to help companies freely choose their certificate sources, use a single set of credentials across many applications and be confident that their Internet transactions and communications are secure.
For details contact Sharon Hedges, Marketing Manager: Europe, Middle East & Africa of RSA Security on tel: (0944) 89362744.

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