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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Etenga protects site with Cisco PIX Firewall

1 August 2000

Anti-theft devices have undergone a few transformations over the past 12 months. Not only is the range of products increasing - thus offering the end-user a wider variety to choose from - but more detail has been added to ensure that would-be thieves will be discouraged.
According to Christopher Riley, CEO of the Notebook Company, the theft of information off laptops is one of the biggest security problems at the moment. "Very often an executive has stored vital information on his or her laptop and, before it can be downloaded to the company's network and deleted off the notebook, the notebook is stolen. The theft could be by an opportunist, or it could be perpetrated by someone who wants to get his hands on the information, rather than on the laptop itself. Even if users download their files to the company network, sensitive information remains on their laptop. Unless this information is deleted it remains vulnerable - because laptops are extremely vulnerable to theft."
Riley said that both Targus and Targus and Kensington locks now come with thicker cables (the older cables could easily be cut with a side cutter) and Targus have an impressive range of Defcon locks with built-in sensor detecting alarms. "One particular model, the Defcon 1, has a retractable cable which can easily be attached to a notebook, or even to luggage, thus making it a brilliant travel companion." This product retails for about R450.
The Notebook Company, 012 342 2900

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