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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

RSA Security ships interoperable wireless security component

1 August 2000

RSA Security has announced it has begun shipping RSA BSAFE WTLS-C software, a complete WTLS protocol-compliant security component that is designed to make it easier for developers of WAP-enabled wireless devices, gateways and other applications to quickly build secure, interoperable products for wireless e-commerce.
Tested to interoperate with the leading WAP gateways, the security component provides critical authentication, data privacy and data integrity security features for both clients and servers. It is the first RSA Security product to incorporate patented Multiprime technology, licenced from Compaq, a performance breakthrough that is intended to enable today's wireless devices to employ industry-standard RSA digital signatures for secure e-business transactions.
Multiprime technology is designed to overcome a major security hurdle facing processor-limited wireless devices such as mobile telephones, pocket PCs and personal digital assistants, enabling them to offer enhanced security without any noticeable delay in service. Wireless device manufacturers, WAP gateway manufacturers, WAP application and content developers now have a single security component to achieve full client and server authentication for both X.509 and WTLS formatted digital certificates with RSA signatures.
"We are helping to remove the performance barrier inhibiting the use of WAP wireless devices with RSA-signed digital certificates, the dominant format on the Internet," said Sharon Hedges, Marketing Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa at RSA Security. "Developers can now add industry-standard RSA cryptographic and certificate management technologies to their wireless applications, devices and systems and know they will work with the WAP systems and digital certificates already out there."
Based on SSL and TLS, two standards defined by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), RSA BSAFE WTLS-C software is designed to provide the privacy, identification, verified message integrity and nonrepudiation required for secure e-business transactions between wireless devices and WAP gateways using a lightweight and efficient protocol that conserves bandwidth, memory and processing power. Together with RSA BSAFE SSL software providing privacy from the WAP gateway to the Internet, the RSA BSAFE WTLS product is designed to offer end-to-end application security and interoperability between WAP and the wired Internet world.
For details, contact Sharon Hedges, RSA Security Marketing Manager: Europe, Middle East and Africa (0944) 8936 2744.

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