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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Lightning fast cryptographic transactions

1 August 2000

AST e-Business, a division of the AST Group, has introduced new e-commerce acceleration products that provide rapid acceleration of complex and robust encryption processes for high-capacity e-commerce web servers. Rainbow Technologies' CryptoSwift 600 and CryptoSwift EN 1000 allow e-commerce websites to handle substantially more traffic with virtually no customer waiting.
The new e-commerce acceleration solutions are ideal for online retail, electronic stock trading, financial services, payment gateways, medical records processing, and other online services for business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce.
"CryptoSwift contains a public-key processor that offloads and speeds up the operations that would otherwise saturate the web server's main processor," explains Michael Horn, Chief Technology Officer of AST e-Business. "Running up to 600 transactions per second with the CryptoSwift 600 or 1000 transactions per second with the CryptoSwift EN 1000, CryptoSwift provides a 1024 bit RSA transaction processing time of less than five milliseconds."
Secure sockets layer (SSL) is increasingly used to secure not only web servers, but also directory servers, mail servers, certificate authority servers and application service provider servers. CryptoSwift 600 and EN 1000 maximise the capacity of all server applications running on SSL and other security protocols.
CryptoSwift performs digital signatures in less than half the time of an 800 MHz Pentium III Xeon, and a single CryptoSwift can more than triple the capacity of today's fastest eight-way servers from Sun, HP, IBM, Intel and others.
The CryptoSwift 600 easily plugs into the PCI slot of any popular server platform and seamlessly installs into all standard secure web server software packages including Netscape, Apache, and Microsoft. CryptoSwift works with existing secure web server resources and makes an organisation's infrastructure investment last longer.
For web server environments with no PCI slot availability, the CryptoSwift EN 1000 delivers all of the benefits of the CryptoSwift 600 in an 'accelerator appliance' form factor. The EN 1000 can handle as many as 1000 transactions per second with faster transaction processing response times and no compromise in PKI security technology.
For details contact Denise Stanton, Communications Consultant, AST on tel: (012) 674 7650, fax: (012) 633 9388 or e-mail:

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