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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Hardware security for software assets

1 August 2000

eSafe Technologies is providing Linux and Unix users with the ability to protect their intellectual property with its latest hardware protection key, Hardlock.
Hardlock places developers in a position to protect data against piracy and illegal use, while preventing unauthorised access and execution of protected software. Brett Myroff, CEO of eSafe Technologies, says the Internet has brought about dramatic change for software vendors, which has increased the need for protection of intellectual assets.
"A consumer no longer has to go to a retail store, sift through hundreds of software titles and read descriptions of each to make a purchasing decision - the net has become a software market of its own, whether legal or not."
With Hardlock, protection is complete, with each key containing a full-custom application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip with a programmable encryption algorithm. It also provides an added safety feature whereby the software developer is able to select and program its own algorithm with the help of a crypto card. The key is a safeguard against hackers as the encryption is done on the inside of the ASIC chip and not in the memory. However, a major benefit of this product is its support of all major operating systems and environments, from Windows to DOS extenders.
"This product is able to support systems such as OS/2, networks, open systems, UNIX, Xenix, AutoCAD and Linux," adds Myroff. Communication between the software and the Hardlock key will not slow down the execution speed of the application and is transparent to the end user.
It is an adaptable product, offering protection via USB, parallel and serial ports. Benefits to the sales channel are made possible with this product. Myroff elaborates: "Hardlock allows for implementation of in-the-field upgrades, flexible demo's, try-before-you-buy, enhanced licensing capabilities and time-limited products use." "Software piracy has become both more sophisticated and widespread, forcing developers to consider the most efficient protection of their assets," concludes Myroff.
For details contact eSafe Technologies SA's, Brett Myroff on tel: (011) 444 4000 or e-mail:

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