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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

PenOp adds electronic signature support to JetForm Pocket Form

1 August 2000

PenOp, a provider of electronic signature software, and JetForm Corporation, a workflow and e-forms solutions company represented locally by Global Technology Business Intelligence (GBI), has announced an OEM agreement to provide legally binding handwritten signatures for automated forms processing across the Microsoft Windows CE computing environment.
Under the agreement, PenOp Signature Series software - which captures and documents all elements of an on-line signing event - will be integrated into JetForm's Pocket Form software for the Windows CE platform. Mobile professionals will now be able to participate in e-processes, such as signing application forms, requests and other business processes, entirely online. Using signed-processes allows organisations to reduce cycle time, improve customer service and increase internal productivity.
The integration will eliminate the need for JetForm customers and partners to manage their own custom integration, and instead provide a simple solution that any user can activate out-of-the-box. All users need do is install JetForm Pocket Form, which will include the PenOp Signature Series software.
For details contact Dave Grant, JetForm product manager for GBI on tel: (011) 319 9800 or e-mail:

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