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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Lucent Technologies announces secure VPN solution

1 August 2000

Lucent Technologies' new Enterprise Networks Group has announced an enhanced version of its standards-based, secure virtual private networking (VPN) solution that makes it easy for network administrators to deploy highly manageable, scalable and secure private network connections over the Internet for remote access, intranet and extranet applications.
The VPN Gateway version 2.0 is an all-in-one, high-performance VPN solution that helps customers like AT&T; Canada build highly secure and manageable VPN services. The VPN Gateway utilises a unique, distributed architecture that includes a hardware appliance or 'brick', IPSec Client software for remote users and security management server software.
This server allows customers like AT&T; to centrally manage all elements of its infrastructure, including hundreds of managed firewalls and VPN gateways, thousands of IPSec clients and every RealSecure intrusion detection engine. The new solution applies IP security (IPSec) and Internet key exchange (IKE) industry standards and includes features that allow public key infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates from Entrust Technologies and VeriSign to be downloaded to customers. AT&T; Canada will be one of the first companies to deliver the VPN gateway to some of its large business customers who are demanding a simplified way to build manageable and highly secure VPN services, and administer multiple VPN gateways and clients.
"Until now, managing VPN networks has been a very complex and cumbersome task," said Larry Hudson, President, Operations, AT&T; Canada. "The VPN gateway enhances the way in which our customers will be able to control and administer VPN security, remote access and configuration. VPNs are critical to achieving our vision of delivering fully integrated telecommunications services to our customers. When we went looking for a partner in this area, we looked for a company with a proven record of success in delivering solutions to carriers, with products designed for high performance and high availability. These attributes are essential in delivering the level of customer service AT&T; Canada is committed to in Canada and around the world. This ensures the same maintenance and reliability parameters as any other component in our network. Enterprise Networks Group alone met all of these criteria."
"The VPN gateway is a solution that is perfectly suited for large customers like AT&T, so they can deploy large managed VPN services to enterprise customers," said Angus Peacey, Country Manager for the data division for sub-Saharan Africa for Enterprise Networks Group. "With VPN Gateway 2.0, AT&T; has the flexibility to support multiple customer zones with different authentication schemes simultaneously or download digital certificates to AT&T; customers right away."
In addition to X.509 digital certificates, the VPN gateway supports secure VPN authentication via Radius or via SecurID from Security Dynamics. To achieve a new level of simplicity in VPN client management, Enterprise Networks Group has moved most of the configuration functions to the security management server. This enables a network administrator to have centralised control over hundreds of VPN gateways and thousands of IPSec Clients. As a result of relationships with leading third-party security software vendors, the VPN Gateway now allows VPN customers to provide content security, such as URL blocking or anti-virus screening over a secure VPN. The VPN gateway integrates Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall Anti-Virus Security Suite and Log-On Data Corporation's X-Stop Xserver URL filtering server. ICSA v1.1 IPSec Certification is in progress for third party verified interoperability.
For details, contact Angus Peacey of Enterprise Networks Group on tel: (011) 709 0737 or e-mail:

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