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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

World's first anti-virus technology for the Palm OS platform

1 August 2000

Symantec, a specialist in Internet security technology recently announced the development of the world's first anti-virus technology for the Palm OS(r) platform. This new security prototype incorporates Symantec's award-winning anti-virus engine technologies re-engineered to run efficiently on handheld computers and other portable applications.
"The ubiquitous devices and platforms that will enable the Internet to be available everywhere pose new risks and challenges," said Ron Moritz, Symantec's Chief Technical Officer. "As corporations embrace handheld devices and extend their network, securing programs and data on new platforms will become a necessity. Our goal is to safeguard critical data against potential attacks anywhere data wants to be by providing Internet security on a variety of platforms."
According to a 1999 IDC report titled 'Smart handheld devices market review and forecast', an estimated 50 million personal handhelds will enter businesses worldwide by 2003. Additionally, Forrester Research estimates that the mobile workforce will account for 57% of the total workforce in the next two years - a rise from the current 35%.
Although there are currently no known computer virus, worm or Trojan horse threats targeting handheld devices, the Palm OS is susceptible to malicious code like other mainstream computing platforms since it runs a wide variety of programs.
Symantec's anti-virus prototype technology uses an optimised 'micro-engine' to enable researchers at the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) to detect known potential threats on the Palm OS platform. Due to the smaller memory and storage requirements on handhelds, Symantec is also investigating ways to leverage heuristics and other more advanced non-fingerprint-based technologies to eliminate the dependence on the larger virus definitions used in today's anti-virus products.
For details contact Jako Voges of Symantec SA on tel: (011) 804 4670, fax: (011) 804 4676 or e-mail:

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