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Issue Date: October 2006

TOGAF-certified architects see 23% pay rise in 12 months

1 October 2006

Interested in a 23% increase in salary and a successful career as an enterprise architect? Then equip yourself with TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) certification.
This is the word from Ian Prinsloo, training manager at Real IRM, the local representative of The Open Group. A survey as published on The Open Group website ( illustrates the growing demand for TOGAF skills. TOGAF is a collection of architecture wisdom that allows others to learn and apply enterprise architecture more quickly and to benchmark against industry practices.
Ian Prinsloo, training manager at Real IRM
Ian Prinsloo, training manager at Real IRM
According to the survey, average minimum salaries for enterprise architects sporting TOGAF certification and skills in the UK have increased by 23,5% since July 2005. Increasingly, enterprise architect job advertisements are also specifically requesting TOGAF knowledge and certification.
"Enterprise architecture has been around for many years, but the tendency has been to bundle it with IT and not to provide sufficient resources to enable a truly positive impact on business," Prinsloo says. "Organisations and practitioners have approached architecture in different ways, with the result that there was no real standard that could be applied. This is changing and organisations are realising the value that standards-based enterprise architecture can bring to the business. As such, they are now prepared to pay top money to secure certified enterprise architects."
With a triple focus on educating enterprise architects in a globally accepted methodology, raising their professional profiles in the marketplace and establishing enterprise architecture as a credible discipline, Real IRM runs public and client-specific TOGAF certification courses both in South Africa and internationally.
Real IRM's certification programme is a four-day course. Since commencing certification in June 2006, the company has certified 12 enterprise architects in the UK, two from Botswana, one from Mozambique and 43 in South Africa. To date, The Open Group has certified over 1300 enterprise architects worldwide.
"Certification is invaluable for any enterprise architect, whether they are already in the market or still trying to enter, as it fosters an appreciation of what enterprise architecture is and develops an understanding of how to approach the development and maintenance of enterprise architecture for an organisation," Prinsloo says. "TOGAF certification ensures that enterprise architects are empowered to see through vendor hype, to understand what enterprise architecture really means and to implement it across the organisation in a positive and impactful way. Certification allows companies to be sure that the people they bring on board are up to date with the industry's best practices and have some practical techniques to bring to the table. It separates those who simply say they are architects from those who can demonstrate an understanding of what that actually means."
For more information contact Ian Prinsloo, Real IRM, +27 (0) 11 805 3734,

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