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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Trend Micro first to offer anti-virus services for palmtop computing

1 August 2000

SecureData, exclusive Sub-Saharan distributors for Trend Micro, a leading provider of Internet content security products, today announced the availability of Trend Micro's Virus Information Centre for the personal digital assistant (PDA) market. The Trend Virus Information Centre, comprised of up-to-date information and solutions for thousands of macro viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious code, can now be accessed by users of PalmOS-based wireless and modem-based palmtop devices.
With the use of web clipping applications, users of palm organisers can connect to the Internet and download financial, news, travel and entertainment, and reference information in a format optimised to reduce download times. Web clipping application programs are provided by participating websites, and are supported by palmtop devices that can access the Internet.
Trend Micro is the first antivirus software company to offer virus information web clippings to the connected organiser market. A specially developed application program now allows users of PalmOS-based devices to access the Trend Virus Information Center. Users can check, search, and be updated on new viruses and alerts, all in realtime. Users may access short and precise virus descriptions from the Virus Encyclopedia, see the top 10 in-the-wild viruses from the World Virus Tracking Center, and view lists of new viruses found each day. For the IS manager or network administrator on-the-go, the palmtop edition of the Trend Virus Information Center can be a quick, convenient way to get information, especially in emergency situations.
"Trend Micro has always strived to better serve our customers by using the frontline of technology," commented David Lu, Vice President of Product Management at Trend Micro. "Having access to Trend's Virus Information Centre through a PDA can be a convenient and indispensable tool in a crisis situation."
For details contact Trevlyn McLeod of SecureData on tel: (011) 802 8800 ext. 802 or e-mail:

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