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Issue Date: October 2006

Lefatshe acquires environment monitoring specialist RT Systems

1 October 2006

Lefatshe Technologies,the South African black-owned security solutions provider, has acquired environmental monitoring specialist, RT Systems.
RT Systems has moved its entire 24x7x365 server room and system monitoring service operation into Lefatshe’s Bryanston head office and will continue the service of its existing 430 customers from the new monitoring centre, as well as taking on and enhancing the service offering of the Lefatshe group as a whole.
“The acquisition will benefit our customers hugely as Lefatshe provides not only broad-based black economic empowerment and is a truly black-owned business, but lives the ethos of service excellence,” says Richard van der Heijden, general manager of RT Lefatshe. “Our company has a solid reputation in the South African market and this acquisition maps perfectly into the Lefatshe strategy of ensuring security through partnership.”
Lefatshe’s environmental monitoring operations assess the vulnerability of an organisation in terms of physical threats to the digital assets of the company, unauthorised access to server rooms, moisture, temperature and hazardous gas. It also covers valuable data that often resides at the front of a back-up process awaiting back-up.
“Each solution and product we market is crafted to suit client specifications, and environmental monitoring forms part of this process,” says Cheslyn Mostert, Lefatshe Technologies chairperson. “With Lefatshe as an environmental monitoring partner, organisations can ensure that critical data is sent to the right person at the right time, and feel safe that their server rooms are secure. Anomalies can be dealt with quickly and money saved. The integration of wireless RFID sensors provides the capability to deliver realtime, mission-critical operational intelligence directly to key management without the need for major back-end systems.”

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