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Issue Date: October 2006

Unisys Africa partners with Cibecs to tackle data protection

1 October 2006

Unisys Africa has been appointed as a Cibecs channel partner, taking to market the Cibecs Continuity Solution designed to address end-user data protection and security concerns, enhance related corporate governance compliance, increase productivity and reduce associated costs.
In terms of the partnership, Unisys Africa will sell and support Cibecs Continuity, bringing to bear its skills and expertise in supporting larger organisations and extending its ongoing focus on providing businesses with secure infrastructure.
“End-user data protection and security is a component of good corporate governance, but particularly challenging to achieve without spending large sums of money or absorbing significant IT department time,” says Allan Wattrus, business development manager at Unisys Africa. “The biggest problems organisations face in this regard include user management, network bandwidth restrictions, confidentiality and resource-hungry applications, all of which impact on how successfully data is backed up and secured. Organisations have traditionally implemented policies that require users to either back up their data or to work on a central server. Users seldom adhere to policies and when data is lost there is always a cost to the company. The Cibecs solution overcomes each of these hurdles to enable automated data protection and security, and ultimately compliance.”
As a centrally managed, wizard-driven and organisation-wide data protection solution, the Cibecs Continuity Solution effectively manages data on desktop PCs, notebooks and file servers through policy-driven data monitoring and management, and automated backup and archival.
A control centre is installed on the systems administrator’s PC, while accounts are created on the server for each individual user. Each account is password-protected and an appropriate disk size is allocated per user. A centrally defined policy determines what the user may or may not upload. Backup account times are scheduled centrally and backups are performed silently and seamlessly in the background while the user continues to work. During each backup all files are scanned by the user agent on a binary level and only new files and changed files are backed up and not the entire changed file. All data is compressed and encrypted before being securely transferred to the Continuity Server. This process optimises storage and bandwidth utilisation and protects data from unauthorised access while providing an extensive archive. Backups can be done from any location and through any network or Internet connection.
“The Cibecs Continuity Solution takes the people ‘variable’ out of the data protection and security equation,” says Ilze Pieterse, director at Cibecs. “Although we are all aware of the importance of protecting our data, most people do not back up regularly or work on a central server because it is a nuisance. Furthermore, the IT department can not monitor or enforce user compliance with these policies.”
Automating the process ensures that backups are done at regular intervals so that in the event of data loss, the extent is limited and the cost to company is not extreme.
Cibecs Continuity is an enterprise-wide solution that  is centrally configured, deployed and managed. Advanced central reporting enables the systems administrator to draw business reports and proactively manage user data. Data recovery is a simple wizard-driven process which can be initiated by the user or systems administrator. Cibecs facilitates the migration of data and from one machine to another providing cost savings for organisations.
Based in Woodmead, Cibecs began operations in 2004.
For more information contact Allan Wattrus, Unisys Africa, +27 (0) 11 233 4000,

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