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Issue Date: October 2006

Sybase upgrades risk analytics platform

1 October 2006

Enterprise application and mobile infrastructure provider Sybase, has added data workflow and capture tools to its risk analytics platform geared up for capital markets applications.
A key addition in RAP 3.0 is a new operations console interface for managing data workflows, synchronising data, and monitoring users and system performance.
Dean Marchetti, director of engineering for RAP at Dublin, California-based, said the console serviced both administrators and business users. "We are providing policy-based administration for managing data flows and giving users a view over that entire process with information around data latency, origin and currency," he said.
Sybase has extended the set of data adapters that come with the product to enhance data capture. The company has teamed up with stock ticker data integration specialist, Wombat Financial Software, to create data adapters that feed directly into RAPs in memory data caches.
Wombat specialises in consolidating and flattening stock ticker feeds into their standard protocol, which it then sells to around 80 different financial services partners.
Sybase has also enhanced analytics for OLAP processing for pricing and trading by providing an option to us Applix' in-memory TM1 OLAP Server. TM1's engine can update entries in a multidimensional cube without the need for recalculation that often slows down analysis.
"TM1 can read the RAP schema and populate cubes with data," Marchetti said.
RAP is aimed squarely at financial firms looking to deploy realtime analytic applications for trading operations, pricing simulations and management of credit and collateral risk. The platform is available in two editions -- a multiserver Enterprise Edition and a single Application Server Edition.
Under the covers RAP pulls together three Sybase products, its ASE 15 database Sybase IQ analytic server, and PowerDesigner tools. The operational console is layered on top of these components.
The system is differentiated by its lightning fast query performance, which is a must for dynamic, high-volume stock trading environments. Speed is granted by Sybase's column-based IQ Server analytic server and optional TM1 in-memory processing technologies.
Sybase claims the system can capture data and message streams "at rates in excess of one million per second".
Sybase has historically been strong in the financial services sector with its database and middleware infrastructure. Marchetti said that Sybase had architected RAP for high availability, continuity and performance. "We are already proven to meet the infrastructure requirements of high-stress environments like capital markets. RAP has resilience and performance fully covered," he said.
RAP is priced on a per CPU basis, but Sybase did not provide specific pricing details. Sybase announced the upgrade at the Sibos financial services industry conference running in Sydney this week.
Source: Computergram

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