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Issue Date: November 2006

Integrated MES for lean manufacturing

1 November 2006

Infor ERP XA MES Suite drives effective execution of manufacturing operations; manages shop floor from point of order to delivery of finished goods.
Softworx, a member of the EOH Group of Companies and master distributor of Infor, a global provider of enterprise software, has announced the availability of Infor ERP XA MES Suite. This integrated software solution provides manufacturers with greater shop-floor control, seamless collaboration and increased traceability of the manufacturing process.
"The new solution provides a critical link between upper level enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and the shop-floor control systems to control inbound and outbound supply chain logistics," comments Neil West, business unit head, Softworx.
Neil West, business unit head, Softworx
Neil West, business unit head, Softworx
Designed for Infor ERP XA customers, the new solution consists of:
* Infor ERP XA Lean Execution and Planning, a next generation of manufacturing execution system (MES) tools specifically designed to support Lean initiatives on the shop-floor;

* Infor ERP XA Manufacturing Data Collection & Communication, a realtime shop-floor communications system providing timely and accurate feedback to and from the shop-floor;

* Infor ERP XA Quality Management, a software solution that streamlines quality process procedures and data collection, decreasing the cost of compliance and improving overall product quality.
Integrating the three solutions along with Infor XA removes the need for customers to manage numerous disparate systems. Infor XA customers using the new XA MES Suite will benefit from realtime production reporting, shorter manufacturing cycle times, faster inventory turnover, more on-time deliveries, a higher quality end product and enhanced cash flow.
"The MES Suite is a comprehensive set of tools that increases the efficiency and quality of shop floor communications and the manufacturing process," comments West, "there is a substantial need in the market for a tightly integrated MES solution that provides timely and accurate production and quality information to enable sound business decision making. XA MES Suite provides the tools powerful enough to impact the flow of information from order entry to final delivery of the finished goods."
Infor XA MES Suite provides enterprise-wide access to realtime manufacturing information. Infor customers currently implementing Lean manufacturing practices with the additional requirements for labour tracking and quality reporting can now benefit from the functionality specifically designed for XA. This set of MES applications allows for the co-existence and simultaneous scheduling of Kanban and traditional manufacturing orders throughout the facility, and the continuous quality reporting and monitoring required for assuring that processes, not just product, adhere to the tightest of manufacturing specifications.
For more information contact Neil West, +27 (0) 11 607 8100,,

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