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Issue Date: November 2006

Opalis adds ITIL-compliant workflows to IT process automation

1 November 2006

Opalis Software, one of an emerging group of providers that are seeking to automate the workflows surrounding the management of data centres, is adding a number of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Libraries) processes to its tool.
Over the past 12 to 18 months, ITIL compliance has become a key priority for IT organisations as a byproduct of pressures for following Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulatory mandates.
Opalis is one of a new breed of data centre tool providers that complement management frameworks from BMC, CA, HP, and IBM. Categorised
under the awkward title ‘Run Book Automation’, these providers do not directly monitor parameters like capacity utilisation or perform tasks like incident management, but they orchestrate the tools that do so.
Over the past year, Opalis has mostly focused on adding support of additional IT management platforms such as Microsoft Systems Command Center. With the new update, Opalis is aiming at adding new process automation templates, most of which are patterned off the ITIL framework.
So, while Opalis has always provided orchestrations supporting handing incidents that are reported to the service desk, problem or trouble ticket resolution and the related processes of handling change requests, change configuration processes (where configurations are automatically updated as a result of change requests), and releases of updates or new hardware or software, now they are based on the terminology and definitions spelled out in the IUTYIL frameworks.
Additionally, Opalis has added new integration packs, or adapters, for BMC Atrium (itrs ITL-based change and configuration management database), BMC Remedy (its service desk tool), Microsoft SCOM (its systems operations command center), Microsoft Active Directory, and VMware VirtualCenter 2 (for controlling VMware instances).
As icing on the cake, Opalis has added new dashboard views that have consolidated some metrics that used to be displayed on separate screens.
According to CEO Todd DeLaughter, Opalis’ goal is to build more of an application than a toolset. It now provides over 90 prebuilt orchestrations or process automation templates.
Traditionally, most systems management automation tools have tended to be just that: toolsets that you have to assemble and build yourself. With ITIL providing the blueprint, Opalis is trying to provide templates that support what the ITIL definitions describe.
The new version of Opalis Integration Server is available now.
Source: Computergram

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