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Issue Date: November 2006

Hyperion encourages partners to verticalise BPM platform

1 November 2006

Hyperion Solutions has launched a new global partner program called SolutionsNet to help its partners build and deploy industry-specific versions of its System 9 business performance management software.
Hyperion's BPM software has already established itself as the gold standard for performance management in the office of finance. Santa Clara, California-based Hyperion now wants to carry that success over into broader operational areas in the enterprise and across vertical industries.
SolutionsNet will help by nurturing and extending the ecosystem of Hyperion's systems integration, application development and consulting partners that already build BPM systems using Hyperion's System 9 platform with domain expertise in industries like banking, retail and CPG, insurance, pharmaceuticals, discrete manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.
At the same time Hyperion is also evolving System 9 to support horizontal performance management needs like sales, human resources, supply chain operations and risk and profitability management and analysis. SolutionsNet partners can further tweak these applications for specific verticals.
Hyperion says a wide portfolio of vertical and horizontal expertise will now be available on tap to its partners serving key industries via SolutionsNet.
Partners like Accenture, Answerthink, IBM Global Services, Ranzal & Associates Palladium and Intego are already tapping into SolutionsNet to offer a comprehensive portfolio of verticalised BPM offerings.
For example Accenture has already devised CPG- and manufacturing-specific BPM applications. And IBM Global Services now offers BPM solutions for insurance, banking, and pharmaceuticals.
SolutionsNet is part of Hyperion's Global Partner Program. Additionally, Hyperion's Solutions and Industry Marketing divisions set up last year will also play into SolutionsNet across all its supported vertical markets.
Source: Computergram

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