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Issue Date: December 2006

Tibco launches SOA planning guide

1 December 2006

Tibco Software announced what it described as an interactive service oriented architecture, SOA, planning guide that it hopes
will help organisations ‘identify gaps and accelerate the planning of a scalable service-based environment’.
Though not the first SOA planning tool available, Oracle, IBM, HP, Sonic Software and BEA are among vendors that have various SOA maturity models and best practice guidelines available. Tibco said it provides a role-based execution model that could help end users accelerate their SOA strategies.
According to the firm, to get started users answer a series of questions found in the planning guide. Based on those answers, they will receive a prescribed model that can be used to develop an SOA roadmap and address possible gaps in their current migration path. The model, dubbed the Tibco SOA Execution Model, gives the user a starting point and a set of priorities for the user's specific implementation, according to Tibco.
The Tibco SOA Execution Model is broken into six core steps encompassing SOA vision, organisational structure, technical infrastructure, business process identification, managing results and measuring results. Each phase pinpoints areas unique to a given organisation and advises on what areas need the most help and where the greatest gains may be made.
The planning guide is available free at Tibco's online SOA Resource Center, at The SOA Resource Centre itself also now features a role-based approach to navigation and content for each phase of the SOA planning life cycle, Tibco said.
Source: Computergram

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