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Issue Date: February 2007

Open Text offers new litigation management solution

7 February 2007

Open Text and TCDI have announced Livelink ECM – Litigation Management, a new solution that will help organisations to significantly reduce their eDiscovery costs and resource demands. Open Text solutions are available in South Africa through IT infrastructure and solutions provider, Datacentrix. As the volume of corporate information and the size of litigation dockets continue to grow, organisations are increasingly struggling to control the burden of eDiscovery.
The new Livelink ECM – Litigation Management solution from Open Text is the first eDiscovery solution to give enterprises the ability to both manage discovery in-house as litigation arises and to put in place a programme of long-term, proactive management of content – anything from informal e-mail to formal contracts – that may be subject to discovery. This process helps enterprises determine what content to keep and what to discard based on regulations and pre-determined policies, thus greatly reducing the amount of content available to litigators.
"One of the end goals of eDiscovery is to minimise the amount of content for attorneys to review," writes Barry Murphy, senior analyst with Forrester Research. "Without a strategic approach to discovery, organisations are unable to do this - they end up turning over all discovered content to legal teams. Increasing litigation and high costs will force enterprises to think more proactively about how to collect, review, format and produce content in response to a discovery request." ('eDiscovery Bursts Onto The Scene', Forrester Research, March 2006).
“By providing the tools to manage discovery in-house, Livelink ECM – Litigation Management allows enterprises to significantly reduce or eliminate outsourcing costs,” says Rob Shaw, product marketing manager at Datacentrix. “Furthermore, the legal coding and other work product generated by the eDiscovery process can remain in-house and can be used to accelerate future discovery processes without having to be purchased back at an additional cost.”
Livelink ECM – Litigation Management brings together Open Text's records management offering with TCDI's ClarVergence, a litigation support solution. Open Text's solutions help companies establish and enforce record management policies across all enterprise content. This uniform application of records policies makes subsequent discovery processes easier, faster and more reliable. TCDI's ClarVergence adds the tools needed to help find, review, code and produce content, reducing the discovery burden placed on internal IT staff and simplifying the job of in-house counsel. "Open Text has a long history of providing solutions to help companies address regulatory requirements around the retention and disposition of electronic content," says Shaw. "It is a natural evolution of its records management offering to provide advanced discovery and litigation case management capabilities in partnership with TCDI."
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