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Issue Date: February 2007

Project management in a box

21 February 2007

Today, more than ever, organisations are faced with the challenges of a constantly changing and competitive environment. The ability to adapt to the changing environment and staying competitive, results in an even greater need for project management.
Research trends over the past five years have indicated that issues in the project management industry are wide and varied, depending on both industry-specific requirements and the maturity of organisations. It has further shown that those organisations that use project management as a strategic weapon are the ones that will stay ahead of the competition. Clinton in’t Veld, CEO of the X-Pert Group, a leading project management company says, “South African organisations have become increasingly project-driven over the past few years, and this has led to the discipline of project management gaining ground.”
One of the key findings based on survey results is that project management should ideally be an automated process that is intranet-based with ongoing development.
Managing By Project (MBP) Portal, an intranet-based software solution developed and marketed by the X-Pert Group is designed to assist businesses in acquiring, sorting and managing their project information. The software has been built to run within Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and has state-of-the-art security features based on the Windows platform. MBP Portal allows for the consolidation and presentation of information making it easier for executives and management within an organisation to make faster and informed portfolio decisions. The result obtained is an improved project decision-making process and efficient delivery on the project.
in’t Veld further states, “This software is aimed at anyone involved with the functioning of projects on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, MBP Portal has the ability to turn strategic intent into project reality, which is essential to every business’ success.”
Key features of The X-Pert Managing by Project Portal include:
* Guides for project managers and team members through different project processes.

* Facilitates view of and reporting on integrated project information.

* Allows for more efficient collaboration around project ideas and project information.

* Provides accurate, up-to-date project information at a strategic and tactical level.

* Improves organisational visibility of:

- Organisation Project Portfolio.

- Tactical Project Performance.

- Business Benefit Realisation.

* Improves client and project team relationships.

* Improves overall project productivity.
MBP Portal - a proudly South African product - is marketed on four continents and is regarded as the most resourceful Managing By Project and Project Management Resource centre available to organisations. The software can be used for single projects as well as project portfolios. In addition to this, it is fully customisable and configurable, allowing the portal to be tailor made to the company’s specific needs.

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