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Issue Date: March 2007

Corporate view of Master Data

1 March 2007

Software AG has launched a new product that gives companies consistent and reliable information from differing data sources so that they benefit through higher operational efficiencies and reduced integration costs.
The new product - an addition to Software AG's crossvision service orientated architecture (SOA) suit - is called crossvision Master Data Manager (MDM).
According to South African sales manager, Darren Roos, MDM consolidates information from multiple data sources spread across many departments to make this data available as a service, which can be utilised by virtually any system or SOA application.
South African sales manager, Software AG, Darren Roos
South African sales manager, Software AG, Darren Roos
"With crossvision Master Data Manager, organisations gain a single view of business critical data to improve operational efficiencies and make better management decisions," Roos said. "For example, clarifying differing departmental opinions on the true number of customers or product market share.
"By adding MDM to our portfolio, we are continuing to enable our customers to advance the usefulness of existing applications and investments. Harmonising multiple master data sets, such as customer data and product information, and obtaining a single version of the truth is a challenge all CIOs can well understand and we are happy that we can help solve that challenge."
As a Master Data Management (MDM) engine, this new product:
a. Consolidates redundant master data across multiple systems.
b. Enables organisations to implement a single MDM system for all master data.
c. Eliminates the need for point-to-point integration of master data.
d. Exposes consolidated master data via Web services for use in any application.
e. Improves the re-use of Web services, since all created services can be governed in a central registry/repository - CentraSite.
f. Features an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
g. Includes a robust security model featuring rights delegation based on inheritance.
h. Offers read/write API, including automatic control rules on master data updates.
Based on open standards including XML Schema J2EE, crossvision Master Data Manager deepens Software AG's commitment to openness and interoperability. Additionally, re-use scenarios that are critically important to SOA are significantly enhanced when services are created from this improved master data.
The product is designed to enhance legacy integration, business process management and composite applications initiatives.
For more information contact Darren, Roos, Software AG South Africa, +27 (0)11 575 3000.

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