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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Foster-Melliar announces the signing of a partnership agreement with Sophos

1 August 2000

Local security specialist Foster-Melliar, has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Sophos, one of the world's largest specialist developers of anti-virus software. Foster-Melliar will represent Sophos Anti-Virus on a nonexclusive basis in South Africa.
Foster-Melliar's long-term security culture complements Sophos' expertise in the anti-virus field extremely well, allowing the local security expert to offer a particularly comprehensive security package. Patrick Evans, Managing Director of Foster-Melliar, says the company is committed not only to providing the best security software, but also high quality technical support.
"Most anti-virus products are on a par when it comes to detecting viruses," says Evans. "The difference becomes apparent when you consider different products' responsiveness to new virus threats, as well as the quality of service from the vendor. When a new virus attacks, service becomes the key differentiator. Sophos is known to respond swiftly, saving companies millions of Rands in recovery time and productivity losses alone." During the recent 'I Love You' virus crisis, for example, Sophos' entire base of South African customers was covered by 11h30 local time.
Alan Draper, International Business Development Manager at Sophos, declares that the company requires overseas partners to be far more than product suppliers. "When people buy a subscription of Sophos Anti-Virus, they are buying a complete solution, from software to service," says Draper. "We expect our partners to mirror our commitment to offering world-class service and support, and are thus delighted to have signed the agreement with Foster-Melliar."
Sophos Anti-Virus is unique in being designed from the outset as a network-centric, corporate solution. The Sophos Anti-Virus architecture maximises protection, whilst minimising performance and administrative overheads. In addition, concentrating solely on the corporate market, Sophos is able to offer exceptional service in terms of speed and efficiency. "We searched for an anti-virus vendor that provided the very highest levels of support and service to corporate users," explains Evans, "Only Sophos delivered a clear focus on corporate anti-virus protection, hence our willingness to commit."
For details contact Patrick Evans of Foster-Melliar on tel: (011) 807 1080 or fax: (011) 807 1082.

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