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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Trend Micro announces new content security solution for Microsoft Exchange 2000

1 August 2000

SecureData, (an company), the exclusive Sub-Saharan distributors of Trend Micro, a provider of Internet content security, has announced that its content security solution, ScanMail for Exchange 2000 version 5.0, is Microsoft Exchange 2000 ready. A product is considered 'ready' once it has passed internal tests to assure compatibility with Exchange 2000. With this announcement, Trend Micro believes it will be one of the first content security partners to provide antivirus software for Exchange 2000.
A highly scalable multithreaded/multiprocess security solution, ScanMail for Exchange 2000 v5.0 will be installed on Exchange servers, enabling uniform antivirus and security policies across the enterprise. ScanMail will be seamlessly integrated with the new Microsoft Exchange Antivirus API (Application Program Interface) and will provide realtime, on-demand and scheduled scan protection with easy administration via a Windows or Web-based Management Console. ScanMail for Exchange 2000 is in the product development stage and is scheduled to ship during the third quarter of 2000.
"We are pleased to be working closely with Trend Micro to develop an antivirus solution for Exchange 2000," said Stan Sorensen, Group Product Manager, Server Applications at Microsoft. "Having virus scanning capabilities available for our Exchange customers is critical and we are confident in Trend Micro's solution."
"Trend Micro has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that ScanMail will integrate seamlessly with Exchange 2000," said Wayne Biehn, Sales Manager at SecureData. "ScanMail's content security features will be an integral part of a successful Exchange 2000 deployment."
With improved reliability, scalability, and performance, Microsoft Exchange 2000 will offer the technological ability to engage in realtime tele and video conferencing, and to access data via handheld and cellular devices. The new Exchange Information Store, the web storage system, will allow an organisation to house and access e-mail, documents, applications, and web content in a single location. ScanMail for Exchange 2000 v5.0 will detect and clean viruses inside this new Exchange 2000 Web Store and can support multiple Exchange 2000 databases. ScanMail for Exchange 2000 will also offer support for some of the instant messaging features found in Exchange 2000, and will be able to access messages and attachments for scanning.
For details contact Trevlyn McLeod of SecureData on tel: (011) 802 8800 ext. 802 or e-mail:

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