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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Family of smart-UPS help ensure constant server and network reliability

1 August 2000

American Power Conversion's (APC) family of smart-UPS uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is designed to enhance a company's network availability in the event of sudden power outages. APC's smart-UPS helps prevent network downtime which can save thousands of rands in lost business and costly on-site service calls. The smart-UPS line which is available in both tower and rack configurations, is designed to protect servers, internetworking and telecommunications equipment. "APC is excited to launch the smart-UPS in South Africa to provide businesses with power protection to increase their business availability. Smart-UPS provide complete power protection through a set of features that provide system reliability, availability and manageability," says Scott Olsen, Director of Product Marketing. APC smart-UPS starts with reliability: "Smart-UPS protects your data by supplying network-grade battery back-up when power fails. Using PowerChute plus software, the UPS will safely store all unsaved information and shut down your desktop or network operating system before the battery is fully discharged, whether you are there or not," says Christo Engelbrecht, Regional Manager for Africa at APC. "Additionally, the smart-UPS has full-time, multistage surge suppression and noise filtering which protects computer hardware and extends the life of the UPS." System availability features such as SmartBoost and SmartTrim automatically correct low voltage and high voltage conditions allowing businesses and their network clients to work through brownouts and overvoltages without using battery power. "The UPS also ships with CellGaurd Intelligent Battery Management that improves reliability and extends the UPSs battery life with its redundant overcharge protection and continuous, nonpulsed charging. The QuickSwap user-replaceable battery system allows you to replace batteries on site while the system is up and running," says Engelbrecht. All smart-UPS models are fully manageable and include APC's award-winning PowerChute plus power management software which gives network managers the ability to control their UPSs and safeguard data by executing an unattended secure shutdown during an extended power outage. In addition, APC's smart-UPS family of UPSs can be managed by all major network management platforms including HP TopTools, IBM Netfinity Manager, Dell OpenView NNM SE, HP OpenView, Tivoli NetView, Intel LANDesk Server Manager, Siemens ServerView, CA Unicenter TNG and Compaq Insight Manager.
"The PowerChute plus software provides extensive UPS power management and diagnostics and provides network administrators with important UPS reactions to power events and UPS information. By tailoring each UPS to the network environment you can significantly enhance network performance and reliability," says Engelbrecht. The APC smart-UPS is also equipped with a built-in accessory card slot for enhanced management features. Using APC's SmartSlot series of UPS accessories, it becomes an integral part of the unit, drawing power from the UPS, even when the UPS is in sleep mode, to provide remote Web/SNMP management, out of band dial-up management or environmental monitoring and notification. Finally, APC smart-UPS provide the best 'out-of-box' integration for 'built-in' UPS shutdown in Microsoft Windows 2000. The co-development of Windows 2000 native UPS shutdown reiterates APC and Microsoft's commitment to reliability in today's business computing environments. APC continues to deliver innovative and convenient UPS management solutions to improve customers' productivity. A variety of models are available with user specific features, such as a rack-mountable unit (RM) or extended-run (XL). APC smart-UPS XL is ideal for fileservers, minicomputers, UNIX CPU's, Internet hubs, telecommunications systems and other mission critical applications that simply cannot go down due to long power outages.
For details, contact APC's Jacqui Gradwell on tel: (011) 465 5414 or e-mail:

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