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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Overvoltage protection of intrinsically safe circuits in hazardous areas

1 August 2000

The Blitzductor CT Type MD/Ex is an intrinsically safe two-piece surge protection device for use in 24 V circuits in hazardous areas. Locally manufactured by Surge Technology, it is designed to protect information technology systems and equipment.
When used with the attachable modules, it is a combined lightning/overvoltage surge protection device. Only 12 x 58 mm in size, the Blitzductor fits easily into panel boards and simply snaps onto a DIN rail.
The Blitzductor CT family features a base which acts as a terminal block. Due to the make-before-break contacts in the base, the signal is not interrupted when the modules are moved or exchanged.
In the case of an overload, signal lines are short-circuited or short circuited to ground, generating a fail-safe state. Data transmission is interrupted and the overload is indicated immediately.
Each Blitzductor CT is marked with co-ordination characteristics which indicate the energy capability and the let-through energy of the different modules. In addition, the user is informed how to install the modules in the correct order.
For details contact Paul van As of Surge Technology on tel: (011) 792 1303/4/5, fax: (011) 793 6928 or e-mail:

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