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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

True internal lightning protection from Surge Technology

1 August 2000

The DEHNport Maxi is a lightning current arrester (Category 1V), for integrating power supply lines into the lightning protection equipotential bonding system. It is designed to protect low voltage installations against surges and direct lightning strikes.
Of particular importance is its gliding spark gap with internal RADAX-flow technology which can automatically quench the 50 cycle follow-on current. This also eliminates the need for extra precautions regarding fault currents, allowing the unit to be installed before the main switch or meter, as well as providing protection to the system.
The unit can withstand lightning surge currents of up to 50 kA with a wave shape of 10/350 ms as per SABS IEC 1024 standards. There is no need for separate back-up fuses, and the multifunctional terminals are suited for both conductors and busbars. Housed in red glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic, the DEHNport Maxi meets IP20 protection standards.
For details contact Paul van As of Surge Technology on tel: (011) 792 1303/4/5, fax: (011) 793 6928 or e-mail:

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