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Issue Date: August 2000 (es)

Surge protection for LV installations

1 August 2000

The DEHNguard T surge arresters are designed for protecting low voltage in-stallations against power surges. The Class 2 type, two-piece arresters are installed within the LPZ concept at the boundaries from Zone OB-1 and higher.
Response is fast, and fault indication is via a red indicator flag in the module's window. Modular in design and in accordance with DIN 43880, their multifunction terminals are able to connect both conductors and busbars, and due to the powerful zinc oxide varistor, high energy capability is provided.
The two-part design consists of a base and plug-in protection module. The latter may be exchanged with the distribution board cover in position or removed. If required, the DEHNguard T can be used in conjunction with an upstream DEHNport lightning current arrester.
For details contact Paul van As of Surge Technology on tel: (011) 792 1303/4/5, fax: (011) 793 6928 or e-mail:

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