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Issue Date: April 2007

ERP extends into point-of-sale

1 April 2007

Keith Fenner, strategic sales manager, Softline ACCPAC, says that retailers are starting to move away from standalone POS solutions as ERP extends to the till.
Keith Fenner, strategic sales manager, Softline ACCPAC
Keith Fenner, strategic sales manager, Softline ACCPAC
A successful POS strategy is not just about the cash register. Today, retailers need integrated POS software systems to ensure they have the right merchandise in their stores, at the right price and at the right time.
Keith Fenner, strategic sales manager, Softline ACCPAC says they need the ability to fully understand the buying patterns of clients - who they are and what they want and most of all; they need the integration of effective POS software with an ERP system.
"This will give them the ability to monitor activity across all retail locations, easily and cost-effectively. It will enable retailers to operate the way they want in terms of promotions and discounts, which typically fall outside of traditional ERP," says Fenner.
Gathering and applying information effectively in today's competitive market is critical for any retailer. The right POS system can gather and utilise information effectively. POS systems offer benefits such as monitoring retail sales transactions from the back office; accessing up-to-the-minute inventory availability and pricing from the point of sale software module.
"POS systems also link remote retail locations to a head office with complete security; work offline during power outages or when the communication link is down; integrate the POS software with standard POS hardware, including touch screens, bar code readers, magnetic card readers, cash drawers, and other devices. They also easily scale a system from a single retail location to multiple sites with dozens of tills," advises Fenner.
In addition, retailers also have the option to fully integrate a CRM solution for loyalty and permission-based e-marketing. Done in one complete loop, Fenner says that retailers can configure an e-mail marketing campaign, track click-throughs and allow online vouchers to be redeemed in-store by printing out the promotion, barcode and going in store to claim: "According to Doubleclick, 59% of consumers have redeemed an e-mail/print coupon in store, whilst 40% have redeemed offline coupons online. This kind of marketing can have a powerful effect on a retailer's success," comments Fenner.
So, why consider a fully integrated POS solution? Because information has become as important as the products stocked on the shelves and you cannot afford to ignore it.
For more information contact Keith Fenner, Softline ACCPAC, +27 (0)11 308 7327,

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