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Issue Date: May 2007

HR departments face increasingly competitive and volatile conditions

31 May 2007

Operating in an increasingly competitive and volatile marketplace, the HR department faces two continuing challenges: to be recognised as a relevant and value-adding contributor to business performance; and to increase process efficiencies within the organisation.
That is the view of Deirdre Stoop, CedarOpenAccounts product manager of Bateleur Software, who says HR executives are looking for ways to improve performance and meet overall business objectives. “This can be achieved by increasing the analytical and diagnostic capabilities available to the HR department by providing a detailed insight into corporate performance,” she says.
Bateleur Software is the official South African distributor for CedarOpenAccounts (COA), the UK's fastest-growing supplier of accounting, financial management and reporting, procurement, HR and payroll software solutions to the public and private service sector.
According to Stoop, an increasing number of companies are using solutions to provide the essential capabilities described above. HR Analyser, the offering from Bateleur and COA, enables the HR department to be a proactive contributor to business success through evidence-based analysis of the people in the organisation.
“This solution was designed with leading experts on HR Metrics and the practical application of HR Metrics within world-class organisations to enable HR professionals to define, monitor, analyse, report and act on the real drivers behind corporate performance,” Stoop says. “With HR Analyser, the HR department can answer all its pressing questions, quickly and with authority.
“A major bonus for users is that the HR Analyser is HR software independent; that is, it sits on top of all major current HR software packages and is not dependant on COA’s underlying components,” she adds.
A further advantage is that because all the important HR metrics are contained in the standard delivered product, the HR function does not have to spend valuable time explaining the measures to internal IT resource or external consultants. Instead, this time can be used to ensure that HR can spend time with the business, helping to create an HR function that is seen as evidence-based and aligned with the strategy and goals of the business.  
“As a result, the HR function can concentrate on impacting the bottom line and delivering tangible benefits. Also, the open structure of HR Analyser means that when the standard metrics have been absorbed into the organisation's reporting and culture, the enterprise is able to delve deeper into causality,” Stoop points out.
A fully integrated HR analytical solution, HR Analyser is accessed through a secure, fully interactive, browser-based web interface. It provides visibility and clarity into an organisation’s people performance and a detailed insight into actual business activity.
Through the benefit of pre-defined metrics and measures, information is summarised in an HR Scorecard. This creates, manages and delivers the organisation’s key performance indicators [KPIs]. In essence, HR Analyser enables management to identify opportunities for process improvements through the deployment of more effective strategies.
“HR Analyser provides metrics and measurements for everything from absence to wealth created per full-time employee. This, in turn, provides high-level visibility of where value is being created within the organisation,” Stoop says.

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