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Issue Date: June 2007

Matrix cuts communications costs by 38%

1 June 2007

Even with number portability, least cost routing still cuts the telecoms bill.
Matrix Vehicle Tracking is seeing monthly savings of 38% on its telecommunication costs as a result of the upgrading of its least cost routing (LCR) solution with Orion Telecom to a managed services guaranteed installation. The upgrade gives the stolen vehicle recovery company guaranteed savings on cellular and national calls. From November 2005 to October 2006, this resulted in savings of R1,4 million.
"We have been a client of Orion Telecom's since 2001, and we have consistently had excellent service from the company," says Quinton Pienaar, IT manager at Matrix Vehicle Tracking. "In addition to the significant reduction in call costs which obviously benefits our bottom line, the service level we receive is outstanding. In three years we have had to log one service call; on every other occasion that there was a problem with the system, Orion's technicians had already repaired it before we even knew there was an issue. That level of service is rare in the IT industry."
Matrix has a digital primary rate installation for cellular and national calls. Orion has installed 28 cellular SIMs (subscriber identity modules) and four national SIMs for the company, dramatically reducing call overflow to Telkom. Orion is currently capturing 99,5% of Matrix's cellular calls and 85% of its national traffic. The telecommunications company's account managers monitor traffic, and usage and non-usage patterns, to ensure that equipment is being optimised; they address any discrepancies immediately so that customer savings are maximised.
"Our objective has always been to enable our customers to cut costs, but we have taken least cost routing one step further by introducing the managed services installation," says Orion Telecom sales manager, Steve Macfie. "We now offer customers like Matrix simplified voice solutions coupled with a variety of termination options. This means that customers enjoy guaranteed cost-savings, without having to worry about how the activities and practices of the various networks might affect them."
Orion Telecom sales manager, Steve Macfie
Orion Telecom sales manager, Steve Macfie
Matrix is now considering migrating its legacy telecommunication system to voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a move which could result in additional cost-savings. "Equally important is the fact that VoIP enables us to capture a company's existing traffic in a more effective fashion, and to deal more effectively with cellular overflow," adds Macfie.
He says that the move to VoIP can be undertaken with no interruption to a company's business: "There is no disruption to the client's existing infrastructure; instead, we enable them to update and migrate their communications solutions over time and at their own pace without disrupting or replacing their existing infrastructure."

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